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Anchor’s Aweigh

On my 26th birthday I woke up in a hotel at 3:30 am, and at 5 am I got on a bus and went to Ft. Dix where I started off on a journey that has lead me right to this point. On my 27th birthday, which will be this Thursday, I will  be in … Continue reading


I come from a long line of pie makers. At holiday times we always look forward to the pumpkin and apple pies that my grandmother (Stephanie Sr., not Philomena), brings to the table. My mother, Joanne, used to bake pies for a country club. She claims that her pie crusts were the best she ever … Continue reading


My grandmother, Philomena, is 88 years old. She was born and raised in South Philadelphia, and, basically, she’s no bullshit. When asked if she would like a new microwave she responded, “What am I gonna do with a new microwave? Take it to hell with me?” Or when my father was dating a girl who … Continue reading

Trail Sweet Trail

I have made the trip from Philadelphia to North Carolina and other points south at least 100 times. 95-85-Rt 1 ad nauseam. So, when I had the chance to make the trip by myself a few days ago, I took the route I’ve always wanted to take. 95-895-81-Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. It’s been … Continue reading

Go Forth

I can’t say I’m particularly fond of being able to wear short sleeves during a November hike, but yesterday was just too nice to pass up. Given all the folks perched on the North Lookout at Hawk Mountain, I was certainly not alone.  However, I was alone in sticking with starting this hike on the … Continue reading

Let’s try this again

Even after the debacle out by Hawk Mountain, I can’t say that I was the least bit hesitant to get back out on the trail. I was however, slightly more prepared, especially as I rolled through the small, historic district of downtown Slatington, the clouds seemed to follow. I would not be deterred this time. … Continue reading

A Comedy of Errors

With fall officially here, and the leaves starting to turn ever so slightly to gold and orange and red, my zest for outdoor adventure has kicked into overdrive. Having spent a good 4 hours out on the trails at French Creek State Park last weekend, I decided to take on a greater challenge this weekend … Continue reading


A couple weeks ago when I realized that summer was (THANKFULLY!) winding down, it occured to me that this one has been different from most summers past. It was not filled with the usual activities of baseball games, prolific bike rides (sure there have been a few, but not too many), and of course, trips … Continue reading

Going the distance

This morning I woke up and turned on my TV and was overcome with the disappointment that the Tour de France was over.  Granted, I already knew it was over because I watched stage 21 twice yesterday.  Still, after 3 weeks of waking up early to watch the live coverage, to wake up and find … Continue reading

I should really buy a macro lens…

On 4th of July weekend while everyone was enjoying BBQ and beer, I was up in Susquehanna County walking up and down mountains and taking pictures of mushrooms. I always feel like Marge Simpson when Bart needed something to take in for show and tell, and she offered him a potato. Lisa says, “Mom, what’s … Continue reading