Happy Birthday

DSC_0825_1My brother turned 37 last week.

To celebrate we took his kids out to our family cabin in northeastern Pennsylvania. This was their first trip into the wilderness, and considering their love of Wii and cartoons, they handled it very well.


On our first hike Brandon, who loves nature in the form of Animal Planet, asked me as I carried him over a mud puddle, “Ummmm, Aunt Steffy, are we in the wild?” When I answered in the affirmative he replied, “I don’t like it! I don’t like the wild!”


Here he is up to his knees in foliage, and later having Pop carry him over the mud.

Christopher, being older, wiser, and well versed in the things that boys are supposed to like and not like, fared better in the wild, and gladly drenched his shoes in puddles, scolded his younger counterpart for not following suit. DSC_0932

Overall, I would say the excursion was a success. However, I do look forward to returning in August when the blueberries are in season.


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