We sure did have a good time…

I have to tell you, I’m exhausted.  It’s with good reason though. June is only 30 days, but I think I spent at least half of them celebrating the birthdays and weddings of friends, family, and friends that I’ve known so long they’re pretty much family, and even some complete strangers. I made 8 dozen cupcakes in the last 2 weeks. I didn’t take a photo of a single one! Frankly, they didn’t last long enough, and I’m such a mess in the kitchen, having a camera in there is merely a recipe for disaster. So now, before we celebrate the most patriotic of American holidays, a weekend that will no doubt be filled with food, friends, beers, and dazzling explosives (hopefully, not all at once…please be safe, friends), I need to take a look back on the party known as June 2009.

It started off in DSC_0175Annapolis, with the union of Emily (my cousin) and Chris (henceforth known as Hot Stuff). They cut their cake with a sword. We celebrated their union for many hours on Hot Stuff’s boat in the Annapolis Marina. DSC_0410of=50,480,318I include a picture of myself only because there is actual knitting involved with this post. That there is the Yogini Bolero from Knit and Tonic. I used just under 3 balls of CotLin from Knit Picks in Pomegranate, making the project less than $20 altogether. I skipped the ties and did a seed stitch, instead of the ribbed seed around the edges. The dress? That’s Calvin Klein.

The following weekend Kelly and I hopped the train to Penn Station to gorge ourselves on pork in the pouring rain at the Big Apple Barbeque in Madison Square Park. The sandwiches from Dinosaur BBQ melted in out mouths. We would’ve had more, but the rain seemed to close the tents up a bit early. I would go again, earlier, and with a fast past for easiest access to the pork and beans.

The entertainment wasn’t too bad either.DSC_0555DSC_0577

It’s no secret that Lucero is one of my favorite bands, and without them I wouldn’t have even known this illustrious celebration of barbeque. Standing in the pouring rain with dozens of other die hard fans, pork in our bellies, and songs on our lips (I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I even know some of the new songs, the album doesn’t come out until October 6), but really, who could ask for a more perfect day?

As an added bonus, the band played a very small birthday show for a friend of theirs down in the Lower East Side, and were kind enough to let me join those festivities as well. Truly, these guys are huge fans of music and some of the nicest boys you could ever meet. It was one of those nights that rolled well into the next morning, and it really don’t get any better than this.

There was, of course, my brother’s birthday. Then dear Nicole’s bridal shower. I made 4 dozen cupcakes for this event. 2 dozen vanilla with strawberry cream cheese glaze (it should’ve been frosting…it was not), and two dozen pecan with maple cream cheese frosting (which was actually frosting!). Doesn’t she look adorable showing off her ribbon bonnet?

DSC_0016DSC_0024The sangria? That was from her bachelorette dinner the following weekend. I can hardly believe the actual wedding is next weekend.

Finally, my dear “big brother” Mark turned 30 at the end of the month (he doesn’t look a day over 23!), and he had a rooftop party complete with homemade burgers, carbomb cupcakes, and panoramic views of the city we love so very much. DSC_0020DSC_0045So, I’ll tell ya…I’m exhausted. I spent 4th of July hiding in the wilderness far far away from all these wild revelers. I caught up on quite a bit of knitting, once it’s finished blocking, I’ll be sharing it with you. Until then, it’s time for a nap.


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