Going the distance

This morning I woke up and turned on my TV and was overcome with the disappointment that the Tour de France was over.  Granted, I already knew it was over because I watched stage 21 twice yesterday.  Still, after 3 weeks of waking up early to watch the live coverage, to wake up and find my tv tuned to a program about waterfowl hunting…well, it left something to be desired. So now, there’s a little hole in my life that will be filled with knitting and pie baking until the Veulta in another month or so.

I was really stoked to see Alberto Contador dominate another grand tour. That boy…he can climb, he looks good yellow, and he’ll be giving Andy Schleck a run for his money for years to come. Photo0411 In honor of the yellow jersey, I started a yellow cardigan that I hope to finish by the time the Veulta starts. This is just a generic top-down raglan, with the neckline and buttonband incorporated. I think it’ll probably flare out a little at the waistline, we’ll see. This is some Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool that’s been part of my stash for a couple years now. Originally, I had grad ideas of making it into a crocheted skirt…almost never a great idea. I mean, really, what does one wear on top of such a skirt? And undernearth as well. I started to wonder if I would need to make an accompanying petticoat or some other kind of knickers. When my thoughts turn to that, well, forget it, let’s make a cardigan.

I also took a nice long bike ride this weekend from Philadelphia out to Valley Forge. My legs, they’re a little tired, but I can’t wait to get back on my bike tomorrow and ride some more. After all, if I can’t watch it on TV, I may as well be out experiencing it for myself. I remember the first time I attempted this ride last year. I had a day off and decided to go for a ride. I got a mile past Conshocken, only 7 miles away from VF, and realized that it was 7 miles there, and 7 miles back, in addition to the 20 or so that I’d already ridden to get there. I cut my losses and turned around. These days, I go the distance. Photo0402Photo0403In another news, a week or so ago I was at working eyeing up this recipe, when a coworker looked over my shoulder and said, “You’re making that for us, right?” Not exactly, I did, make the pie, but it’s safely tucked away in my fridge waiting for me…and mom.

As if by fate, some peaches came into my posession late last week. I made some creme fraiche and pie dough while I waited for them to ripen, and this morning, it all came together in a glorious confection of butter, sugar, and peaches peaches peaches….delicious.Photo0408

This was the first time I made a pie by myself, and probably the worst time of year to make a pie. While the humidity thickened the creme fraiche quickly, it made rolling out the dough challenging to say the least. Even after making sure that everything was well chilled (including putting the rolling pin in the freezer for a bit, a trick passed down to me from Mom who used to make pies for a living), I still had some issues. You can see in the photos that the end crust is a bit thin, this was intentional since I’m not a huge fan of having a lot of crust. However, next time I’ll fold the excess under and make for a thicker outside crust. Mine was a little overdone. Otherwise, this is a fantastic pie that I suggest you make immediately, as peaches are in season.

I know I’ll be making another one soon, possibly with blueberries in the mix. It’s very easy to put together, even if you take the extra steps of making your own creme fraiche and pie crust. Do it, my friends….go the distance.Photo0409Photo0413

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  1. […] my own mother’s guidance. I had to rough it. It was a little treacherous at first. After the failed crust of the peach and creme fraiche pie this past summer, I was a little scared to take on another one. […]

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