A couple weeks ago when I realized that summer was (THANKFULLY!) winding down, it occured to me that this one has been different from most summers past. It was not filled with the usual activities of baseball games, prolific bike rides (sure there have been a few, but not too many), and of course, trips down the shore, specifically for pizza. Armed with a full tank of gas, Mr. Stein and I decided to amend this travesty on a Tuesday evening.

We had lofty ambitions of starting with Mack’s in Wildwood and then moving onto the superior Mack and Manco’s in Ocean City. Well, there’s still time for some fall slices in the OC, but this night was spent reliving the childhood memories of pizza, frozen custard, rides that are long gone, and since we’re grownups now…we got a beer too.

First stop: Pizza. Birch Beer. Wood paneling.DSC_0287DSC_0291

Next stop. The ferris wheel. We didn’t actually go on this, but we admired it for a while and then moved on.DSC_0298To the ocean. We both wore Vans and plaid shirts. This was not planned, we’re simply too hip for our own good.


The rides. The rollercoaster was installed when we were in our early teens. It was one of the first upside down coasters I ever road. The Condor, which basically just goes up in the air and gives you beautiful but terrifying views of the area was one of my favorites as a kid.DSC_0338DSC_0300And finally, with only half an hour until the boardwalk closed, custard and several rounds of skee ball.


And there you have it, a lifetime of summer vacations crammed into a 3 hours span. We’ve become quite efficient in our old age, able to seek out fun like hawks to their prey. Or maybe it’s just that we’re not quite old enough to have our own kids to bring here.

2 Responses to “Pizzacation”
  1. kakakatydid says:

    Hi, just popped Mack and Manco into the search box because I’m just in the mood to browse blogs and this is my favorite pizza ANYWHERE. I live about an hour away from OC, and my husband and I will drive down, even in the dead of winter, just for their pizza. When my sons work near OC, they always bring one home for us. It’s great reheated on a breadstone in the oven.

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