Trail Sweet Trail

I have made the trip from Philadelphia to North Carolina and other points south at least 100 times. 95-85-Rt 1 ad nauseam. So, when I had the chance to make the trip by myself a few days ago, I took the route I’ve always wanted to take. 95-895-81-Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. It’s been … Continue reading

Go Forth

I can’t say I’m particularly fond of being able to wear short sleeves during a November hike, but yesterday was just too nice to pass up. Given all the folks perched on the North Lookout at Hawk Mountain, I was certainly not alone.  However, I was alone in sticking with starting this hike on the … Continue reading

Let’s try this again

Even after the debacle out by Hawk Mountain, I can’t say that I was the least bit hesitant to get back out on the trail. I was however, slightly more prepared, especially as I rolled through the small, historic district of downtown Slatington, the clouds seemed to follow. I would not be deterred this time. … Continue reading

A Comedy of Errors

With fall officially here, and the leaves starting to turn ever so slightly to gold and orange and red, my zest for outdoor adventure has kicked into overdrive. Having spent a good 4 hours out on the trails at French Creek State Park last weekend, I decided to take on a greater challenge this weekend … Continue reading

Going the distance

This morning I woke up and turned on my TV and was overcome with the disappointment that the Tour de France was over.  Granted, I already knew it was over because I watched stage 21 twice yesterday.  Still, after 3 weeks of waking up early to watch the live coverage, to wake up and find … Continue reading

We sure did have a good time…

I have to tell you, I’m exhausted.  It’s with good reason though. June is only 30 days, but I think I spent at least half of them celebrating the birthdays and weddings of friends, family, and friends that I’ve known so long they’re pretty much family, and even some complete strangers. I made 8 dozen … Continue reading

Weekend Adventures

It officially being spring and all, I decided to have a bit of an adventure this weekend. Finding myself in New York on Friday with a rare day off and some time to kill, I decided to take an N train out to Coney Island, a place that I have often seen on television but … Continue reading