I come from a long line of pie makers. At holiday times we always look forward to the pumpkin and apple pies that my grandmother (Stephanie Sr., not Philomena), brings to the table. My mother, Joanne, used to bake pies for a country club. She claims that her pie crusts were the best she ever … Continue reading

Going the distance

This morning I woke up and turned on my TV and was overcome with the disappointment that the Tour de France was over.  Granted, I already knew it was over because I watched stage 21 twice yesterday.  Still, after 3 weeks of waking up early to watch the live coverage, to wake up and find … Continue reading

Weekend Adventures

It officially being spring and all, I decided to have a bit of an adventure this weekend. Finding myself in New York on Friday with a rare day off and some time to kill, I decided to take an N train out to Coney Island, a place that I have often seen on television but … Continue reading