I come from a long line of pie makers. At holiday times we always look forward to the pumpkin and apple pies that my grandmother (Stephanie Sr., not Philomena), brings to the table. My mother, Joanne, used to bake pies for a country club. She claims that her pie crusts were the best she ever … Continue reading

We sure did have a good time…

I have to tell you, I’m exhausted.  It’s with good reason though. June is only 30 days, but I think I spent at least half of them celebrating the birthdays and weddings of friends, family, and friends that I’ve known so long they’re pretty much family, and even some complete strangers. I made 8 dozen … Continue reading

Happy Birthday

My brother turned 37 last week. To celebrate we took his kids out to our family cabin in northeastern Pennsylvania. This was their first trip into the wilderness, and considering their love of Wii and cartoons, they handled it very well. On our first hike Brandon, who loves nature in the form of Animal Planet, … Continue reading